Walnut Woods front of building

838-850 Lincoln Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45206

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Walnut Woods Houses

The essence of the rich and historical Walnut Woods begins here with these marvelous homes that are near and dear to many Cincinnati Natives. To read more about these historical homes please click on the link below:


838 & 850 Lincoln Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45206 are available for sale only. They are both beautifully, newly renovated! Not only are these homes great, gated multifamily duplexes, they would also produce sufficient rental income for the homeowner.

***City of Cincinnati Ordinance: Homeowner must live in one of the two units in the homes (838 & 850) for at least five years from date of purchase, in order to rent out the vacant unit. After five years of living in one of the two units, the homeowner can then rent out both units.

842 & 844 Lincoln Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45206 are available for sale only. Currently, these are shells, they can be purchased as is or custom build is also an option in-house or independently.

In order to schedule a tour or for more information about the homes please contact our management office at (513) 407-9207.


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838-850 Lincoln Ave
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